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MPX2 (motherboard)

Added by ALMICO on 21 oct 2002


Feature Date Vote Voted by Comment
Stability 22 oct 2002 9 SHOARTHING
Server-board stable [obviously]
Overclocking 22 oct 2002 10 SHOARTHING
Only MPX-chipset mobo to 'clock 24/7 stable to 167FSB+
Speed 22 oct 2002 7 SHOARTHING
At 167MHz FSB+ roughly equivalent to Xeon/i860
Features 22 oct 2002 5 SHOARTHING
Limited - very functional board: EPS12V PSU-socket the most important
Price 22 oct 2002 3 SHOARTHING
Relatively expensive
Fan speed changing 22 oct 2002 8 SHOARTHING
Very good: smooth, works with both fansink headers

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