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Data integrity component for Paradox tables. Automatically verifies tables, regenerates missing, out of date and bad indexes, recovers corrupted data. Flushes BDE buffers to enhance data security. Automatically backups and packs tables if verification is successfull.
Works with Delphi 2, Delphi 3 and C++Builder 1.

Note: this component uses a DLL from Borland (TUTIL32.DLL) to verify and repair tables. This DLL is not officially supported by Borland and needs some care to be used. You MUST use the DLL created exactly for the release of the BDE you're currently using. That means that if you're using BDE version 4.01, you need to use the TUTIL32.DLL specially deployed for BDE version 4.01. There are some problems recognizing via software the version of the DLL. Anyway: since it's quite some time that new BDE versions always use the same DLL, in the next few days I'll include a better support when detecting them :-)
Please, make sure that the time of the DLL is exactly the same as the version of the BDE. 
Download here the right DLL for your BDE.


Version Release date What's new
1.03 03 dec 1997 - fixed a minor bug when creating local directories for aliases defined using lower case
- added support for run-time database verification using the ProcessDB function
- added interface option edAutoStart to disable auto-checking of the tables when the program starts
1.02 17 oct 1997 - fixed an exception trapping when testing table indexes on a busy table
- added event OnError called if an unrecoverable error has occurred (unrecoverable errors include busy tables)
1.00 05 oct 1997 - initial release