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01 jan 2003


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Extends TImage with JPEG support and image manipulation like flip, invert, saturation, lightness, graying and more. Easy to use. Correctly handles image aspectratio. Requires PASJPG10.ZIP by NOMSSI NZALI Jacques H. C.

Note: if you have troubles with PASJPG10.ZIP when recompiling the library (i.e. installing the component), then apply the following patches by hand:
- in file JMEMMGR.PAS at line 41 change JMEMNOBS to JMEMWIN
- if you’re installing the component into Delphi 3: 
in file JIDCTRED.PAS at line 452 change JSAMPLE(dcval) to dcval. The rest of the line remains unchanged


Version Release date What's new
2.07 13 may 1999 - added full support for Delphi 4 even in the trial version (BPL included)
2.06 26 nov 1998 - added event OnSelection to allow the end user to select a rectangle on the image
- added method Crop to crop an image given a rectangle (works perfectly with the OnSelection event)
- added property Selectable to enable selecting a region of the image using the mouse
- added support for Delphi 4
- various fixes
2.05 23 aug 1997 - fatal errors caused by some markers no longer halt the program
- fixed other minor bugs and done intensive testing
- added support for Delphi 3
2.04 may 1997 - correctly loaded an image when using Windows with 256 colors and ForceGray property set to true
- removed a possible ERROR 103 when reading incomplete (?) jpeg images
- the LoadPicture and SavePicture methods support more extensions (*.JPEG and *.JFIF)
2.03 01 may 1997 - added support for 256 colors Windows systems. You can load and save images even on these systems, but you still can't manipulate it with flips or color management routines.
- the ForceGray property now works both on reading and writing JPEGs
2.02 25 feb 1997 - added procedure ReadImageInfo to retrieve the size of a JPEG image without having to read it (useful to know the size in advance and/or to decide to read it with a scaling factor)
2.01 - this release never saw the light :-)
2.00 26 jan 1997 - written the 16 bit version (Delphi 1) with ALL the features of the 32 bit version (fully compatible)!!!
- the demo project now shows the effects too (flip, to gray, invert)
1.01 13 jan 1997 - removed an unresolved reference to the XGIF unit that caused delphi library recompilation to fail
1.00 03 jan 1997 - initial release