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A7V880 (motherboard)
Added by ALMICO on 24 jul 2004

Feature Vote Votes Your vote Your comment
Stability 9 10
Overclocking 7 8
Speed 8 9
Features 9 8
Addons 9 7
Price 10 9
Fan speed changing 8 10

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Feature Date Vote Voted by Comment
Fan speed changing 07 nov 2006 3 ZEEROD Case fan can change, CPU cannot. User configs all wrong. Under-CPU-sensor incorrectly labelled CPU Diode. Hassles with IT7281F
Price 07 nov 2006 8 ZEEROD Good price for a cheap board
Addons 07 nov 2006 9 ZEEROD SATA is very good with no driver issues, a refreshing change from experience with other motherboards
Features 07 nov 2006 8 ZEEROD Good feature set for original price, but typically, the 5.1 audio does not work as expected. It does work, minimally so.
Speed 07 nov 2006 7 ZEEROD Not as fast as nForce2 chipset boards it was meant to compete with
Overclocking 07 nov 2006 5 ZEEROD Will not overclock unless superior RAM installed, this board has some issues with RAM to FSB ratios when overclocked
Stability 07 nov 2006 10 ZEEROD Very few problems encountered over last year
Fan speed changing 02 jul 2006 9 KO4K1N
Price 02 jul 2006 9 KO4K1N
Addons 02 jul 2006 9 KO4K1N
Features 02 jul 2006 9 KO4K1N
Speed 02 jul 2006 9 KO4K1N
Overclocking 02 jul 2006 9 KO4K1N
Stability 02 jul 2006 9 KO4K1N
Fan speed changing 16 jun 2006 10 X3SS works like a charm :)


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