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P3C-LS (motherboard)
Added by ALMICO on 15 sep 2002
Both chassis fans are indipendently controllable in a smooth way

Feature Vote Votes Your vote Your comment
Stability 9 1
Overclocking 7 1
Speed 8 1
Features 8 1
Addons -- --
Price 10 1
Fan speed changing 7 1

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Feature Date Vote Voted by Comment
Fan speed changing 19 sep 2002 7 KROBAR Perfect for the two chassis fans, Nothing for cpu but can always plug cpu fan into chassis fan connector if required.
Price 19 sep 2002 10 KROBAR Paid $35 for the board, new!
Features 19 sep 2002 8 KROBAR Adaptec U160 and Intel NIC onboard
Speed 19 sep 2002 8 KROBAR I820 + Tualatin turns in some very good results.
Overclocking 19 sep 2002 7 KROBAR VCore and multiplier (Using Tualatin Eng sample in Powerleap adapter), FSB stable to 153
Stability 19 sep 2002 9 KROBAR Needed a 330W PSU to be rock solid


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