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Hi! This is my very own internet web site :-)

Here you'll be able to find references to my projects, my interests and so on.

I use to program using Delphi. Anyway: several projects of mine are developed under Linux using PHP, PostgreSQL, Interbase and so on, so expect to find more attractive features on this site in the near (I hope :-)) future!

In the meantime, we'll start linking this home page to my speedfan freeware project.

If you plan to use your PC as an HTPC (Home Theater PC), if you have a Small Form Factor PC, if your computer is too noisy for you, if you like overclocking, or if you simply like to know more about you computer, then SpeedFan is the tool for you. With its fan control capabilities and its extensive features, it can help you to slow down those noisy fans when their maximum speed is unnecessary and still use them at their most when really needed. SpeedFan is a freeware tool that can let you have a deeper view of the status of your computer. Almost every computer include support for hardware monitoring. Accessing such digital temperature sensors is really useful. If you are trying to figure out why your pc hangs under heavy load, or after some hours of usage, SpeedFan might help you to find the real cause. Very often it is a poor power supply, or an improperly installed heatsink that lead to behaviours that we tend to associate with errors from the operating system, but that are not. SpeedFan automatically searches your hardware for interesting chips. The hardware monitor chips. SpeedFan can expose voltages, fan speeds and temperatures from digital temperature sensors. Not only the motherboard is searched, but also some video cards and almost every recent hard disk. SpeedFan can access status info from EIDE, SATA and even SCSI drives, showing, in a consistent way, internal data that can be used to diagnose current and future hard disk failures. This is known as S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology).

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