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If you're looking for SpeedFan, you can find it here :-)

New portings to DELPHI 7 :-)

Data integrity component for Paradox tables. Automatically verifies tables, regenerates missing and bad indexes, recovers corrupted data. Flushes BDE buffers to enhance data security. Automatically backups and packs tables if verification is successful. Added support for run-time per-request verification!

Extends TImage with JPEG support and image manipulation like flip, invert, saturation, lightness, graying and more. Easy to use. Correctly handles image aspect ratio. Requires PASJPG10.ZIP by NOMSSI NZALI Jacques H. C. which is already included for Delphi 4.
For troubleshooting, please look at TEnhImage release info.

 TEnhTwain 01 jan 2003
Handles the acquisition from scanners (devices) that are TWAIN compliant. Selecting the desired scanner and acquiring an image is as easy as thinking of it :-) No more troubles with DIBs conversions and mysterious message handling! Tested with HP, Epson, Mustek, Fujitsu and almost every other scanner over a wide range of computers running every version of Windows.
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 TEnhAviCap 01 jan 2003
Handles Video For Windows devices. You can open, preview, use live overlay video, capture to an AVI file, call standard dialogs with an easy interface and much much more. You can receive the frames directly from the device and handle them very easily. No more unreadable, compressed or encoded image formats! Tested with Fast, Miro, Hauppauge, Connectix, Logitech and several other products over a wide range of computers.
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Supports Voice Commands and Text-To-Speech by encapsulating SAPI (Speech Application Programming Interface). Microsoft Voice and IBM VoiceType 3.1 both support SAPI.
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 TEnhWaveIn, TEnhWaveOut 01 jan 2003
Handle audio playing and recording. Easy to use. Get full advantage of buffering and queuing with no effort. All the dirty work is done by these two components. These components are shareware. Version 1.03 is still freeware to let you taste the quality of my software and to thank all those who wrote high quality freeware components :-)
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