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SpeedFan 4.52
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Website features
SpeedFan's website is actively maintained and has a nicely targeted audience because of its original content. SpeedFan's unique features, together with its freeware status and its reliability are key features. The ability to support server grade hardware allows it to be renowned among professionals. The visitors that land on its pages are not casual ones. They get what they are searching for. There are millions users worldwide and almost every PC magazine in the World either talked about or included SpeedFan on its cd.
The website is clearly didived into several sections that help visitors find what they actually need. There are pages illustrating individual digital sensors and pages about hard disks and motherboards. The underlying database allows votes and comments to be posted, generating new content and helping users to share their experience.
Worldwide audience
January 2006 hits The whole website is written in english, but SpeedFan is nationalized in several languages. This makes it attractive for users worldwide. This image shows the january 2006 hits percentage divided into major geographic areas. Every statistic appearing on this page is derived from filtered log files, where irrelevant traffic is ignored. A full and up-to-date geographical database is used. The whole website is geotargeted and every single page can be tailored if needed. This can improve end users' browsing experience and gives the website a big potential.
Well-known as a reliable source
Great attention was always put in making SpeedFan a reliable tool. All of the website is carefully checked and great care is given to users' feedback. The website is perceived as a relevant source of information.
Search engines
All the traffic received by SpeedFan's website is organic. It grows every day. Search engines properly index its content and bring relevant traffic. A quick search for "speedfan" on, say, Google reports how many pages are talking about this tool. Almost every returned page is about it. These pages have high ranks for several keywords, but the most important thing is that no artificial way was ever used to improve things.
Want to know more?
To read more (analytical data, demographics,...) , please register or login. Registration takes no more than a few seconds. If you are worried about your privacy, please read our privacy statement. Your password will be stored in the database using one way encryption and nobody can retrieve it. There is no clear-text password stored anywhere. You won't be sent unsolicited email. If you have any problem receiving the confirmation email, please use the VIEW YOUR PROFILE link that you will find after you entered your registration data.
Contacts and rates
If you are interested in advertising on this site, please contact advertisehere [at] Feel free to ask further info if needed. By directly advertising on this site you can lower your costs, while reaching a high quality, highly targeted audience. We can setup geotargeted campaigns as well as add custom banners on pages and placements you select.

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