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PC87372 (sensor)
Added by ALMICO on 22 feb 2004
The National Semiconductor PC87372 Advanced I/O product is a member of the PC8737x SuperI/O family. All PC8737x devices are highly integrated and are pin and software compatible, thus providing drop-in interchangeability and enabling a variety of assembly options using only a single motherboard and BIOS. PC87372 integration allows for a smaller system board size and saves on total system cost. The PC87372 includes legacy SuperI/O functions, system glue functions, fan monitoring and control, commonly used functions such as GPIO, and ACPI-compliant Power Management support. The PC87372 integrates miscellaneous analog and digital system glue functions to reduce the number of discrete components required. The host communicates with the functions integrated in the PC87372 device through an LPC Bus Interface. The PC87372 Legacy functions are: a serial port (UART), a fully compliant IEEE 1284 Parallel Port, a Floppy Disk Controller (FDC) and a Keyboard/Mouse Controller (KBC). The Fan Speed Monitor (FSM) module allows the system to monitor two fans. The PC87372 extended wake-up support complements the ACPI controller in the chipset. The System Wake-Up Control (SWC) module, powered by VSB3, supports a flexible wakeup mechanism. There are 13 General-Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) ports; these allow system control and wake-up on system events.

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Power 5 1
Reliability 7 1
Ease of use 10 1
Features 7 1

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Features 29 aug 2006 7 PLEX
Ease of use 29 aug 2006 10 PLEX
Reliability 29 aug 2006 7 PLEX
Power 29 aug 2006 5 PLEX


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