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IC35L060AVER07-0 (hard disk)
Added by ALMICO on 11 may 2002

Feature Vote Votes Your vote Your comment
Speed 7 1
Reliability 1 1
Silentness 9 1

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Feature Date Vote Voted by Comment
Silentness 22 oct 2002 9 DIGITOAST IBM's patented fluidic bearing system makes this drive one of the most silent 7.2k drives.
Reliability 22 oct 2002 1 DIGITOAST Two exact same models had head failure after 4 & 8 months. 75GXP series unreliable too! A large class action suit is in place!
Speed 22 oct 2002 7 DIGITOAST My WDC80GB Special Editions (8MB Cache) toast this drive.


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