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ALi M1535D/D+ (sensor)
Added by ALMICO on 23 dec 2001
The M1535D provides the best desktop system solution. The M1535D integrates AC-Link Host Controller, Hardware SoundBlaster Pro/16 compatibility, Host Signal Processing (HSP) software modem solution, ACPI support, green function, 2-channel dedicated ATA UDMA-66 IDE Master controller, 4-port USB controller, SMBus controller, PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse controller, the Super I/O (Floppy Disk Controller, 2 serial port/1 parallel port) support and Fast IR into one chip. The built-in I/O in M1535D is an advanced Super I/O controller solution to the basic IBM PC, XT, AT peripherals. It incorporates three full function universal asynchronous receiver/ transmitters (UARTs), a flexible high performance internal data separator with send/receive 16 byte FIFOs. It is also suitable for notebook computers since it has Fast Infra Red for wireless communications with other devices. It can swap the floppy drives A & B. It supports SPP, PS/2, EPP and ECP parallel port. It also has a programmable baud rate generator. It has high performance power management for the FDC, UART and the parallel port. The built-in audio in M1535D is an advanced PCI audio accelerator providing wave table synthesis, DirectMusic, DirectSound, and DirectSound3D for the high performance, cost-sensitive consumer market. It also supports full Sound Blaster compatibility and is fully PC'98/PC'99 compliant. In the legacy DOS game environment, the M1535D audio accelerator provides SoundBlaster Pro/16 compatibility, OPL2 and OPL3 emulation, and 1 to 8 MB of general MIDI music through the MPU 401 compatible interface. With built-in support of legacy mode analog game port, the M1535D audio can replace all the functions of a wave table based legacy audio ISA card. The M1535D will provide the AC'97 2.1 compliant digital controller interface for third parties (such as the AMC Codec's vendor) to enable the software modem solution. The M1535D provides 4 separate telephony bus master channels.

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Power 6 7
Reliability 6 7
Ease of use 8 7
Features 8 7

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Features 07 dec 2008 10 TCOOK002
Ease of use 07 dec 2008 10 TCOOK002
Reliability 07 dec 2008 2 TCOOK002
Power 07 dec 2008 5 TCOOK002
Features 29 nov 2008 7 ALFREDMJR
Ease of use 29 nov 2008 7 ALFREDMJR
Reliability 29 nov 2008 7 ALFREDMJR
Power 29 nov 2008 7 ALFREDMJR
Features 29 aug 2007 10 PAXA1
Ease of use 29 aug 2007 10 PAXA1
Reliability 29 aug 2007 10 PAXA1
Power 29 aug 2007 10 PAXA1
Features 10 may 2007 10 BAGELISTR
Ease of use 10 may 2007 10 BAGELISTR
Reliability 10 may 2007 10 BAGELISTR


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