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FMS2701 (sensor)
Added by ALMICO on 30 aug 2001
The FMS2701 is a temperature and voltage monitoring device that can be interrogated and controlled through an SMBus serial interface. Outputs are an analog fan control voltage, thermal alarm and interrupts. Remote (DIODE+ and DIODE-) and ambient diode temperature sensor inputs are selected in sequence at a 1Hz rate by a multiplexer that drives an A/D converter. Digitized diode temperatures are stored in registers. Violation of a programmable limit or trip point will set an interrupt register bit and/or assert a digital output. Power supply voltages are monitored through two pins: VCCAUX3 monitors the power to the FMC2701; VCC3 is a separate 3.3 volt sense voltage input. AUXRST and RST outputs indicate the status of voltage monitoring. Analog output, FAN_SPD can be used as an input to a fan speed control circuit while THERM, INT and FAN_OFF are additional digital control outputs. Power is derived from a +3.3V supply. Package is 16-lead Quad Small Outline Pack (QSOP).

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