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Winbond W83627HF (sensor)
Added by ALMICO on 05 dec 2000
The W83627HF is an evolving product from Winbond's most popular I/O family. It features a whole new interface, namely LPC (Low Pin Count) interface. Approximately 40 pin counts are saved in LPC I/O comparing to ISA implementation. It is fully transparent in terms ofsoftware which means no BIOS or device driver update is needed except chip-specific configuration. The disk drive adapter functions of W83627HF include a floppy disk drive controller compatible with the industry standard 82077/765. The W83627HF provides two high-speed serial communication ports (UARTs), one of which supports serial Infrared communication. The W83627HF supports one PC-compatible printer port (SPP), Bi-directional Printer port (BPP) and also Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP) and Extended Capabilities Port (ECP). The configuration registers support mode selection, function enable/disable, and power down function selection. The W83627HF provides functions that complies with ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface). For OnNow keyboard Wake-Up, OnNow mouse Wake-Up, and OnNow CIR Wake-Up. The W83627HF also has auto power management to reduce the power consumption. The keyboard controller is based on 8042 compatible instruction set with a 2K Byte programmable ROM and a 256-Byte RAM bank. The W83627HF provides a set of flexible I/O control functions to the system designer through a set of General Purpose I/O ports. General Purpose Port 1 is designed to be functional even in power down mode (VCC is off). The W83627HF is made to fully comply with Microsoft PC98 and PC99 Hardware Design Guide. The W83627HF contains a game port and a MIDI port. The W83627HF support hardware status monitoring for personal computers. It can be used to monitor several critical hardware parameters of the system, including power supply voltages, fan speeds, and temperatures, which are very important for a high-end computer system to work stably and properly.

Feature Vote Votes Your vote Your comment
Power 6 27
Reliability 6 27
Ease of use 6 28
Features 6 33

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Feature Date Vote Voted by Comment
Ease of use 12 aug 2016 1 TOSHIK96
Reliability 15 mar 2011 1 GIORGOSMYLONAS mistaken voltages: -12V shown 1,46V -5V shown 2,34V
Features 13 jul 2009 6 OUTSTYLER
Ease of use 13 jul 2009 8 OUTSTYLER
Reliability 13 jul 2009 8 OUTSTYLER
Power 13 jul 2009 6 OUTSTYLER
Features 02 mar 2009 1 HESDEADJIM for some reason, speedfan will not access this chip on my motherboard.
Reliability 20 nov 2008 4 THOFMANN Sometime speed is set to to 50% speed but fans are not running.
Features 19 oct 2008 1 HIKOLO
Ease of use 19 oct 2008 1 HIKOLO
Reliability 19 oct 2008 1 HIKOLO
Power 19 oct 2008 1 HIKOLO
Features 06 jul 2008 7 XTRCHESSREAL if I could trust the settings 100% otherwise features dont matter
Ease of use 06 jul 2008 5 XTRCHESSREAL some confusing paramenters unexplained
Reliability 06 jul 2008 7 XTRCHESSREAL Its not part of my startup list


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