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Winbond W83L784R (sensor)
Added by ALMICO on 16 dec 2001
Specifically designed for the Notebook system, W83L784R can be used to monitor several critical hardware parameters of the system, including power supply voltages, fan speeds, and temperatures. An 8-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) was built inside W83L784R. The W83L784R can monitor 4 analog voltage inputs, 2 fan tachometer inputs, one on-chip internal temperature sensor and 2 remote temperature sensors. The remote temperature sensing can be performed by thermistors, or 2N3904 NPN-type transistors, or directly from Intel Deschutes CPU thermal diode output. The W83L784R provides 2 PWM (pulse width modulation) outputs for the fan speed control to support the Thermal Cruise system, which can maintain the CPU or system in the specific programmable temperature under the hardware control. Another Fan speed control mode is Speed Cruise to Keep the fan operating in the specific RPM. On the other hand, the W83L784R provides low active outputs such as fan fault and Battery low which could issue the hardware warning signals when the fan speed or battery voltage drop out of the preset range. Also the W83L784R provides: power good reset for 3V and 5V; power down mode for power saving; fault pin for necessary H/W shutdown control; SMI#, OVT#, GPO# signals for system protection events; I2C serial bus interface. Through the application software or BIOS, the users can read all the monitored parameters of system from time to time. And a pop-up warning can be also activated when the monitored item was out of the proper/preset range. Also the users can set up the upper and lower limits (alarm thresholds) of these monitored parameters and to activate one programmable and maskable interrupts. For the spacing saving consideration of the notebook system, W83L784R is in the package of 209mil 20pins-SSOP.

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Power 6 1
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Features 8 1

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Features 08 oct 2002 8 TEKPOG
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Reliability 08 oct 2002 8 TEKPOG
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