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SMSC DME1737 (sensor)
Added by ALMICO on 18 feb 2005
The DME1737 is a 3.3V (Super I/O Block is 5V tolerant) PC99/PC2001 compliant Super I/O controller with an LPC interface. DME1737 also includes Hardware Monitoring capabilities, enhanced Security features, Power Control Logic and Motherboard Glue logic. The DM1737's hardware monitoring capability includes temperature, voltage and fan speed monitoring. There are four analog inputs for monitoring external voltages of +5V, +5VTR, +12V and Vccp, as well as internal monitoring of the SIO's VCC, VTR and Vbat power supplies. The DME1737 includes support for monitoring two external temperatures via thermal diode inputs and an internal sensor for measuring ambient temperature. The nHWM_INT pin is implemented to indicate out-of-limit temperature, voltage and FANTACH conditions. The hardware monitoring block of the DME1737 is accessible via the System Management Bus (SMBus).The Motherboard Glue logic includes various power management and system logic including generation of nRSMRST, SMBus buffers, and buffered PCI reset outputs. The DME1737 incorporates complete legacy Super I/O functionality including and 8042 based keyboard and mouse controller, an IEEE 1284, EPP, and ECP compatible parallel port, one serial port that is 16C550A UART compatible, one IrDA 1.0 infrared ports, and a floppy disk controller with SMSC's true CMOS 765B core and enhanced digital data separator. The true CMOS 765B core provides 100% compatibility with IBM PC/XT and PC/AT architectures and is sftware and register compatible with SMSC proprietary 82077AA core. System related functionality, which offers flexibility to the system designer, General Purpose I/O control functions, control of two LED's, and fan control. The DME1737 is ACPI 1.0/2.0 compatible and therefore supports multiple low power-down modes. The DME1737 supports the ISA Plug-and-Play Standard register set (Version 1.0A). The I/O Address, DMA Channel and hardware IRQ of each logical device in the DME1737 may be reprogrammed through the internal configuration registers.

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Power 5 1
Reliability 3 1
Ease of use 3 1
Features 3 1

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Features 02 dec 2012 3 HORWEDEL.CHRISTIAN
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Reliability 02 dec 2012 3 HORWEDEL.CHRISTIAN
Power 02 dec 2012 5 HORWEDEL.CHRISTIAN


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