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LM63 (sensor)
Added by ALMICO on 24 sep 2005
The LM63 is a remote diode temperature sensor with integrated fan control. The LM63 accurately measures: its own temperature and the temperature of a diodeconnected transistor, such as a 2N3904, or a thermal diode commonly found on Computer Processors, Graphics Processor Units (GPU) and other ASICís. The LM63 remote temperature sensorís accuracy is factory trimmed for the series resistance and 1.0021 non-ideality of the Intel 0.13 um Pentium 4 and Mobile Pentium 4 Processor-M thermal diode. The LM63 has an offset register to correct for errors caused by different non-ideality factors of other thermal diodes. The LM63 also features an integrated, pulse-widthmodulated (PWM), open-drain fan control output. Fan speed is a combination of the remote temperature reading, the lookup table and the register settings. The 8-step Lookup Table enables the user to program a non-linear fan speed vs. temperature transfer function often used to quiet acoustic fan noise.

Feature Vote Votes Your vote Your comment
Power 4 3
Reliability 3 3
Ease of use 5 3
Features 2 16

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Feature Date Vote Voted by Comment
Features 19 apr 2012 10 DEVILG33
Ease of use 19 apr 2012 10 DEVILG33
Reliability 19 apr 2012 5 DEVILG33
Power 19 apr 2012 10 DEVILG33
Features 09 jun 2011 6 VLAD22
Ease of use 09 jun 2011 5 VLAD22
Reliability 09 jun 2011 2 VLAD22
Power 09 jun 2011 1 VLAD22
Features 16 aug 2010 1 PROTONUS Looking for HD4670 support too
21 oct 2009 1 MERLYN 4.39 does not see HD 4670 (Rivatuner ok)
07 jul 2008 1 FUEGO2 4.35 beta 15 not picking up LM63 sensors on ATI Radeon X1550
23 jan 2008 1 NEWRIG Speedfan4.34 beta 37 can not read LM63 sensor on my ATI X1900GT
Power 03 aug 2007 1 JOPANA
Features 12 jul 2007 1 CULFY Will not pick up X850XT PE
Ease of use 12 jul 2007 1 CULFY Will not pick up X850XT PE


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