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Added by ALMICO on 23 feb 2004


Feature Date Vote Voted by Comment
Speed 07 jul 2006 8 DANIXY
good enough
21 jan 2006 6 BAPPY
Its great for average use, but a small 2mb cache slows it down with multiple apps
Reliability 07 jul 2006 8 DANIXY
still goes on for 2 yrs as master and never had problems with it.
21 jan 2006 8 BAPPY
My drive had been messed around with in an external caddy by some fools who dont know anything, but it still works great.
Silentness 07 jul 2006 9 DANIXY
you can't hear a thing from least in my computer...
21 jan 2006 8 BAPPY
you don't know its there unless its writing lots of very small files

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