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Winbond W83792D (sensor)

Added by ALMICO on 22 jul 2004

W83792D is an evolving version of the W83791D. Besides the conventional functions of W83791D, W83792D uniquely provides several innovative features such as support dual CPU VID controlling, VRM9.0 and VRD10.0 specifications supported, ASF 2.0 specification compliant, SMBus 2.0 ARP command compatible, 2 sets of Thermal trip, 12 VID control, 6 sets of Smart fan TM, VID table selection trapping. Conventionally, W83792D can be used to monitor several critical hardware parameters of the system, including power supply voltages, fan speeds, and temperatures. A 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) was built inside W83792D. W83792D can simultaneously monitor 9 analog voltage inputs (including power VDD/5VSB monitoring), 6 fan tachometer inputs, 3 remote temperatures, and Watch Dog Timer function. The sense of remote temperature can be performed by thermistors, or directly from Intel CPU with thermal diode output. W83792D provides 6 PWM (pulse width modulation)/DC fan output modes for smart fan control - Thermal Cruise mode and Smart Fan II mode. Under Thermal Cruise mode, temperatures of CPU and the system can be maintained within specific programmable ranges under the hardware control. As Smart Fan II, which provides 4 sets of temperatures point each could control fan's duty cycle, depends on this construction, fan could be operated at the lowest possible speed so that the acoustic noise could be avoided. Additionally, 12 VID inputs are provided to read 2 sets of VID for CPU (i.e. Pentium III/4). W83792D can uniquely serve as an ASF sensor to respond to ASF master's request for the implementation of network management in OS-absent status. Through W83792D's compliance with ASF2.0 sensor specification, network server is able to monitor the environmental status of each client in OS-absent state by PET (Platform Event Trip) frame values returned from W83792D, such as temperatures, voltages, fan speed, thermal trip, and case open. Moreover, W83792D supports SMBus 2.0 ARP command.

Feature Date Vote Voted by Comment
Power 22 mar 2011 1 AYBABA85
02 jan 2005 8 MM.FABIO
It's ok
Reliability 22 mar 2011 8 AYBABA85
02 jan 2005 8 MM.FABIO
Sometimes fail for 1-2 seconds in overclock.
Ease of use 22 mar 2011 10 AYBABA85
02 jan 2005 10 MM.FABIO
Features 22 mar 2011 10 AYBABA85
02 jan 2005 10 MM.FABIO
Lot of relevations

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