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DS1780 (sensor)

Added by ALMICO on 11 jun 2001

The DS1780 is a highly integrated system instrumentation monitor ideal for use in personal computers, or any microprocessor-based system. It monitors ambient temperature, six power supply voltages, and the speed of two fans. Fan speed can also be controlled with the use of an internal 8-bit DAC. All measurements are internally converted to a digital format for easy processing by the CPU. The DS1780 can be reset to its default power up state via a remote reset function with internal debounce and delay. It features an interrupt that can be programmed to become active should any of the functions the DS1780 is monitoring fall out of spec.

Feature Date Vote Voted by Comment
Power 06 jun 2010 10 FOREVER.RUSSIAN
Reliability 06 jun 2010 10 FOREVER.RUSSIAN
Ease of use 06 jun 2010 10 FOREVER.RUSSIAN
Features 06 jun 2010 8 FOREVER.RUSSIAN

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