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ADT7461 (sensor)

Added by ALMICO on 19 aug 2003

The ADT7461 is a dual-channel digital thermometer and under/over temperature alarm, intended for use in PCs and thermal management systems. It is pin and register compatible with the ADM1032. The ADT7461 has three additional features: series resistance cancellation, where up to 3 kohm (typical) of resistance in series with the temperature monitoring diode may be automatically cancelled from the temperature result, allowing noise filtering; configurable ALERT output; and an extended, switchable temperature measurement range. The ADT7461 can measure the temperature of a remote ther-mal diode accurate to +-1C, and the ambient temperature accurate to +-3C. The temperature measurement range defaults to 0C to +127C, compatible with ADM1032, but can be switched to a wider measurement range, from −55C to +150C. The ADT7461 communicates over a 2-wire serial interface compatible with system management bus (SMBus) standards. An ALERT output signals when the on-chip or remote temperature is out of range. The THERM output is a comparator output that allows on/off control of a cooling fan. The ALERT output can be reconfigured as a second THERM output if required.

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