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Myson MTP008 (sensor)

Added by ALMICO on 12 aug 2001

The MTP008 is a mix-signal IC designed to monitor many important parameters for the proper operation of a computer system, including power supply voltages, fan speeds and temperature. An 8-bit ADC was built in MTP008. The MTP008 can monitor up to 7 analog voltage inputs, 3 fan tachometer inputs and 3 remote temperature. The remote temperature sensing can performed by thermistors, or 2N3904 NPN-type transistors, or directly from Intel Deschute CPU thermal diode output. Also the MTP008 provides 3 PWM outputs for the fan speed control; beep tone warning output; SMI#, NMI, OVT#, GPO# signals for system protection events. Moreover, 5 VID inputs are provided to read the VID of CPU if applicable. This is to provide the Vcore voltage correction automatically.

Feature Date Vote Voted by Comment
Power 13 oct 2011 1 WOODMASS15
10 jun 2009 1 MA_SOUD_90
Reliability 13 oct 2011 1 WOODMASS15
10 jun 2009 5 MA_SOUD_90
13 mar 2006 2 IMAPERSON.V2
often dissapears from speedfan and pc health monitoring in bios
Ease of use 13 oct 2011 2 WOODMASS15
10 jun 2009 2 MA_SOUD_90
13 mar 2006 6 IMAPERSON.V2
when it works, it works flawlessly
Features 13 oct 2011 1 WOODMASS15
10 jun 2009 2 MA_SOUD_90

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